Siem Reap – 18 Sep 2010

A very backdated post :D

We were at Siem Reap for my secondary school mate’s wedding, together with several of my ex-classmates and their partners. The whole lot of us stayed at Ei8ht Rooms, a rather homely budget-style “hotel” located to the west of the river. It’s managed by a Singaporean chap and staffed by a very friendly bunch of Cambodians.

Here are some pictures. Can’t recall the details of what we ate but I’ll post up the highlight of the trip (Angkor Wat) soon. It’s a must-see attraction – and we’re planning to make another visit to cover the less-visited temples.

Gosh, that’s Shayanne on the chair and Aerynn now looks just like her!

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Should I restart this blog?

*Sigh* It’s been a long time since I’ve edited posts for this blog. The author’s incessant nagging doesn’t seem to penetrate my thick skull anymore. It’s not my fault…’s the many years of marriage that did this to me!

The kids have all grown up with the elder 2 in school now and the Baby in kindie. Author’s hair has gone all grey and mine have all gone missing! We’ve moved house from PJ to Shah Alam. We have new cars. The only thing that we did not do is migrate but we might as well given the sorry state of national affairs.

Many things have happened since then with the updates reaching you guys via FB. Should we continue blogging?┬áMaybe we’ll see how many comments we get here to help us decide :D

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Chinese New Year 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

As usual, we went back to my hometown to give the kids the annual dose of the “kampung experience”. This time, they all loved it. From taking cold showers (the water in Tapah is supplied from the Camerons!), playing with the chickens, to visiting relatives to collect ang pows.

My 3 angels

Shots of the kids taken in my family home.

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Tanjong Jara Resort – 22-24 December 2010

With the year-end long holidays, it is always good to go on a long-distance road trip to keep all the kids busy. This trick of ours keeps us parents sane and this round, we drove all the way to Dungun, Terengganu for 2 nights at Tanjung Jara Resort. While most people will think it is insane to drive so far, daddykhong loves his long-distance drives (daddykhong: I just need a much better car and BTW, Kota Bharu via Cameron Highlands and Gua Musang is next).

Interestingly, daddykhong has visited Tanjung Jara Resort in the days before YTL bought it so he’s the best person to make comparisons.

We left around lunch time and took the NKVE from Subang to Duta, then DUKE from Duta to Batu Caves, then Karak Highway from KL to Karak, and lastly, the East Coast Expressway from Karak to Jabor before switching over to trunk roads to get to our final destination just before Dungun. Don’t attempt this if you cannot get your kids to calm down and they are not trained to sit in car seats :) KL to Tanjung Jara is a distance of 385km and slightly under 4 hours of non-stop driving (at fairly legal speeds).

We arrived at 5pm and were greeted by the concierge who prepared a Roselle welcome drink for us and surprise, surprise, we were upgraded from the cheapest Bumbung Room to a Serambi Room. Now before you think that it is odd for YTL to throw away money like that, we suspect that the upgrade is due to the fact that the Bumbung Room is on Level 1 and the Serambi Room on ground level makes it easier for the kids (daddykhong: I think they weren’t bothered to hoist the baby cot up the stairs!).

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Braedyn’s 5th Birthday – 6 November 2010

Braedyn is now 1/2 a decade old. The first couple of years were slow but now time flies past in a blink of an eye.

This time, we had his birthday dinner at Bianco, Damansara Perdana and I made him a dinosaur cake.

Oh well…it’s a dinosaur with a head of a hippopotamus :)

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Singapore Trip – Universal Studios – 30 Sep 2010

Day 4 – the real reason why we were in Singapore……Universal Studios Singapore :)

We’ve always wanted to visit a proper theme park with the kids and since we did not visit Disneyland when we were in Hong Kong, we had to visit Universal Studios once we had the opportunity.

We visited on a weekday when the ticket prices are lower than the weekends.

My 4 babies eagerly waiting to enter the theme park

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Singapore Trip – Singapore Zoo – 29 Sep 2010

Day 3 started off with a trip to the Singapore Zoo. I was secretly hoping that daddykhong would take us to one of the new shopping malls along Orchard Road (preferably Ion :)) but I know why I married him – he really puts the family first :)

It’s always nice to visit the Singapore Zoo. We’ve been there in the past and we still go whenever we are in Singapore. It’s good exposure for Aerynn as it’s her first time.

Family man with his 2 kids

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Singapore Trip – Jurong Bird Park – 28 Sep 2010

Day 2 kicked off with a visit to the Jurong Bird Park.

Kor-kor Braedyn looking over his 2 mei-meis

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Singapore Trip – Jalan-Jalan – 27 Sep 2010

The family spent the Merdeka 2010 weekend in Singapore. I suspect daddykhong got sick of pretending to be patriotic :)

Just as our previous Singapore visit was spent in a new part of Singapore – Chinatown, we camped for 4 nights at Ibis on Bencoolen in Bugis. It’s a great location to stay in, with cheap and delicious food nearby, shopping everywhere, and a cheap room rate!

We flew in on Air Asia on one of their zero-fare flights (booked more than 6 months earlier) which is much more convenient than taking the coach.

2 monkeys posing next to some street art near Ibis

Looks much better without any distractions ;)

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Aerynn: First steps @ 1 year 3 months old

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